National IMPB conference in Rotorua

Te Tauraki was in Rotorua recently for the national IMPB conference where the Minister of Health, Hon Dr Shane Reti delivered his second speech in his role as Minister. His focus was firmly around the future of IMPBs and touched on ‘Community Health Plans’, strategic commissioning, and his expectations for health outcomes. He also mentioned Localities not progressing but did not provide any further plan or guidance on this. Te Tauraki will be asking the Minister’s Office for more clarity. You can read his full speech here:

Govt reinforces commitment to Māori health

In early April Te Tauraki hosted the IMPB’s, the Minister for Health, Dr Shane Reti and a number of crown officials in Ōtautahi. The hui was an opportunity to hear from Dr Reti about the vision, priorities and way forward for Māori health outcomes under the new government.

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Govt reinforces commitment to Māori health |

Dr Shane Reti’s speech to Iwi-Maori Partnership Boards, Christchurch |

Te Tauraki publishes its Annual Work Plan

To support its Strategic Plan, Te Tauraki has published its Annual Work Plan, showing its intended actions through to 30 June 2024.  The key foci are Establishment, Locality Development, Whānau Māori Engagement, Evaluation, Data & Priorities and Effective Commissioning.  This Annual Work Plan is a living document and Te Tauraki will continually revisit and adjust it as needed as the operating conditions change.

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Te Tauraki is recognized as an Iwi-Māori Partnership Board in the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022

Te Tauraki is now recognized as an Iwi-Māori Partnership Board in Schedule 4 of the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022.

The area for Te Tauraki consists of the area identified as the Takiwā of Ngāi Tahu Whānui in section 5 of the Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu Act 1996.

Te Tauraki launches its four year Strategic Plan

Te Tauraki is pleased to launch its Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2027.

The Strategic Plan is a living document.  We will revisit it annually and adjust it as needed when the conditions we operate in change.  The Strategic Plan will also be supported by our annually updated Work Plan (to come).  The Work Plan will set out how we will: use our influence in the health sector; support locality planning; and hold the publicly funded health system to account for the benefit of whānau Māori.

In developing this Strategic Plan, we have been conscious of the new opportunities presented within the health sector and the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022.  These opportunities provide for a formalized, potentially powerful, role for IMPB’s and we are optimistic that this will directly lead to improved health and wellbeing for whānau Māori.

Yet, we are also practical.  In becoming an IMPB we are working within a Crown space and with organizations set up, directed by, and accountable to Ministers. As such, we are realistic about the speed and extent of change we will be able to implement over the four-year lifespan of this Strategic Plan.  Our focus, then, is tending to the seeds and seedlings created by the health system transformation, and helping these to grow, and eventually bloom, like the Southern Rātā.

We will regularly review our progress, the broader environment, and government policy, and listen to what whānau Māori tell us, to ensure we are taking the right steps for the hauora and wellbeing of whānau Māori in our rohe.  This means our Strategic Plan is a framework for action over the next four years. The specific actions we take will evolve, in line with the conditions, to realise the promises and guarantees of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and our Ngāi Tahu Deeds of Purchase.

(Excerpt from Foreword from the Chair, Rakihia Tau, Te Tauraki (2023) Strategic Plan – Kia Maia Te Kupu Tauraki. V1 July 2023).

Ngāi Tahu Iwi-Māori Partnership Board Members Appointed

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu is pleased to announce the appointment of the Te Tauraki – the Ngāi Tahu Iwi-Māori Partnership Board. The establishment of Iwi-Māori Partnership Boards is part of the health and disability reform’s commitment to recognizing Te Tiriti o Waitangi and delivering better health outcomes for Māori.  

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Ngāi Tahu Iwi-Māori Partnership Board Members Appointed – Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu (