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Whānau Voice

Use this form to provide your voice on the health system to help guide Te Tauraki in its purposes.

Please note that we are not a health provider and cannot attend to individual health needs, but we can provide you with information for you to connect with health providers or support in your area.

As an Iwi-Māori Partnership Board, the purpose of Te Tauraki is to represent local Māori perspectives on:

  • the needs and aspirations of Māori in relation to hauora Māori outcomes; and
  • how the health sector is performing in relation to those needs and aspirations; and
  • the design and delivery of services and public health interventions within localities.

Te Tauraki will work with and manaaki ngā mātāwaka and advocate for communities that are impacted by health inequities.

Te Tauraki is continually seeking whanau voice to guide this kaupapa.

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